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Phone number : 66092176
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Yonaka-Art is a growing private initiative to bring some of the most exclusive and amazing Art to you.

Yonaka-Art is based in West Bay, Doha and is the brain-child of Ivy Munaka, who has lived in Sub-Sahara Africa most of her life and when settling in Qatar accepted to represent the Artists in a private capacity in an exclusive partnership for the entire Middle East.

When she discovered the Art initially, somewhere deep in the heartland of South Africa, she immediately fell in love with the unique, contemporary warm and exclusive style, and craftsmanship that speaks from each piece of Art.

She started with buying a number of pieces for her own private collection, and today still sells mainly out of her own private collection to individuals across the Middle East, while also representing in a private capacity the Artists for sales to organizations and companies throughout the region.

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Address: Ambassadors Street
PO Box: 19380, Diplomatic District, Doha

Mobile No. :
Phone : 66092176
Fax Number :
Email : info@yonaka-art.com
Website Url : www.yonaka-art.com

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