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Business Category : Car Service Centers
Phone number : 44504747
Fax number : 44604747

Xpress Car Service Co WLL is a leading Automobile Repairing & Servicing company in Qatar.

The Company owned by Sheikh Khaled Jassim M. Al Thani was Established in the year 2002, by Mr K George Sebastian, who is the Managing Director of the company. We have a variety of automobile maintenance and repairing services available with us which include Accident repair works, full body painting and Polishing, Oil & Filter Changing, Jack-Wash, Steam Wash, Greasing, Mechanical & Electrical works, A/c Works, Underbody Rust proofing, Sun Protection Cooling Film fixing for Windows and whole body, Break down Services and all sorts of repairing works of your vehicle.

Vision: To be first the choice for Automobile Service in Doha,Qatar.

Mission Statement : To be the best in Quality and the Fastest in Service.

At Xpress Car Services we focus on Quality, our mechanics are highly trained technicians, We service each vehicle to the highest level of manufacturer's specification and No work is undertaken without the customer's authorization.

Xpress Car Service consists of a detailed classification structure and comprehensive professional skills thus enable customer satisfaction to expand at the maximum pace with our specialization in Motorcar Repairing & Service. This allows customer to satisfy with the quality and services solution in an effective and efficient way. We are also dedicated to providing excellent Insurance claim consultation to ensure superior customer service.

Xpress Car Service adheres to this Code of Practice and our aim at all times is to:

• Provide our customers with a professional, efficient and friendly service

• Provide knowledgeable, sound advice on technical and mechanical problems

• Endeavor at all times to provide the highest standards of workmanship

• Provide our customers with value for money.

We also take part in a mandatory programme of quality and performance checks as well as an annual audit to ensure our standards are maintained at all times.

Business Locations

Address: Street No.16, Gate No.35 Near Tabliq Mosque
P.O. Box: 33041, ,

Mobile No. :
Phone : 44504747
Fax Number : 44604747
Email : xpresscarservices@yahoo.com
Website Url : www.xpresscarservices.com

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