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Waqas Nasir - Professional Photographer from Doha Qatar

A dictionary describes the word picture as a visual representation of a person, object or scene – I define it as a representation of life itself. Images that capture moments, delicate, bright and spontaneous – is what i like to seal in a picture forever.

I have slowly discovered my passion of photography and I would love to extend it out to help seal your special moments and to make them eternal.

I’ve always been an wanderer. In this journey called life I’ve known many people from many races and religions and I’ve found out how interesting is to know more people. People are Knowledge. I learn new things everyday and i intent to express them in my photography impressions.

Professional Photography has become an intrinsic part of my life and I can’t imagine a time when I will ever stop taking images. Once you start, you never stop. My introduction to photography started innocently enough with the purchase of a small Olympus Trip10 film roll camera at the age of ten. Film roll was of course expensive to experiment but it developed my interest and lead me to the point of doing photography professionally and best aspect was the recognition and appreciation i received when i won two Professional Photographer awards for my photojournalism photo work.

Many of my influences come from fashion photography, wedding photography, photojournalism, corporate and advertising photography. The list of my influences is huge, but I especially admire the work of photographers like Steven Eastwood, Rick Sammon, Joe Mcnally, Scott Kelby, Zack Arias etc and all of them have produce(d) work that mixes distinctive reportage image styles, travel photography, cultural expressions with a more artistic commercial look – their photographic images have significantly influenced my work.

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Phone : 33005411
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