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Coach Rahsaan(Ismail) started training BJJ in July of 1999, under Ryan Fironzi(sp) who was, and still is, an affiliate of the famous Machado Brothers. Coach Rahsaan trained exclusively with Ryan for almost one year. Then, in the June of 2000, Carlson Gracie Black Belt, Marcello Grosso came to Michigan for about seven months. During that time, Coach Rashaan divided his training times between Ryan (a Purple Belt) and Professor Grosso (a first degree Black Belt) and Carslon Gracie MMA champion. During this time period, Coach Rahsaan also had the honor of training with the world renowned Richado De La Riva. After that, Coach Rahsaan met and started training with Master Tyrone Gooden and Montese Peterson, which he has always seen as a crucial parts of this growth in BJJ. When Prof. Grosso left in December 2000, Coach Rahsaan continued full-time training with Ryan, Tyrone and Montese until March of 2001. He was awarded his Blue Belt from the famous Rickson Gracie BB, Louis "Lemon" Heredia. From this point on, Coach Rahsaan started training almost exclusively with Masters Tyrone and Montese, who were affiliated with Rickson Gracie. Coach Rahsaan continued along this path with only minor changes, such as training with Rickson Gracie affiliates. But as fate would have it, Luis moved to Hawaii to start a school. This paved a way to his reunion with the Machados, through Master Tyrone Gooden. In October 2005, Coach Rahsaan received his Purple Belt from Ryan Fironzi; his Brown Belt in May/June 2009 from Ryan Fironzi and Tyrone Gooden. Finally, after officially receiving the Black Belt in Feb. 2011 from Master Tyrone Gooden, (a one stripe Black Belt; Mundial Senior Division Bronze Medalist and Rigan Machado Black Belt) Coach Rahsaan has had the opportunity to access a variety of top level instruction from a variety of places as previously outlined, thus grounding him firmly with a seasoned knowledge of BJJ and excellent training methods. This fruition of this tutelage has produced regional Gold , Silver and Bronze medalists in less than two years time. Maa’shaa Allah!!!

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