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The unique concept of the Turquoise Gallery offers the best range of handmade works of art in the country, catering to a variety of tastes. Turquoise Gallery opened its shop in Al Sadd back in April, bringing different flavour to Doha’ shopping scene. QH stops by the space to find out what hidden treasures are there for the picking. line Turquoise Gallery is a one-of-a-kind concept in Doha. The model is simple outlet with a focus on bringing beautiful pieces of art, accessories and unique objects from around the world to Qatar. The idea behind the gallery is to have a collection of exclusive pieces that can’t be found anywhere else nationally. The delicately- designed shop offers visitors a wide selection of handicrafts, artisan and home accessories of the highest quality. Turquoise Gallery is becoming well-known for having among its many products the exclusive hand-made furniture brand Bokja, which offers detailed, one-of-a-kind designs. line The shop’s owner has an extensive acquisition team all over the region, including Beirut, Amman, Cairo and Damascus, ensuring that everything you see inside Turquoise Gallery is pretty much one-of-a-kind and hand-made. When you shop there, you know you’ll be going home with a piece that is unique. The best partis that the prices are affordable, taking into consideration the work that’s been put into each of the items in its collection.

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Address: Al Sadd, Al Kinana Street, Beisde Java U Cafe,, ,

Mobile No. : 55912307
Phone : 44875046
Fax Number :
Email : info@turquoise-gallery.com
Website Url : turquoise-gallery.com/

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