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Business Category : Industrial Equipment & Machinery
Phone number : 44585555
Fax number : 44602297

THE TEYSEER GROUP has a history of over four decades of business activities.
TEYSEER INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES & SERVICES COMPANY W.L.L. (TISSCO) was set up in the year 1999 as a member of Teyseer Group, as an industrial products supplies and services company. The new company was set up as part of a growth strategy when TISSCO was dedicated to the industrial supplies & services activities of the Teyseer Group.

The Teyseer philosophy of reaching the client through strategically located supply points, display centers and competent technical teams, has seen TISSCO setting up 12 sales and service divisions, 4 stock points, display centers, etc., based on market, product and industry segmentation.

TISSCO is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company with quality and customer satisfaction as its motto. Each of its divisions is individually certified for each scope of activities and services.

TISSCO’s presence is always active in the market place. This is ensured through their mobile sales force who will visit larger customers at their offices or production/project sites and numerous specialist showrooms throughout Qatar including its industrial areas.

TISSCO operates through 12 Sales & Marketing Divisions based on Market, Product and Industry.

TISSCO has 11 Divisions, namely:-
1. Equipment, Machinery and Tools Supplies & Services
2. Fluid Transfer Components
3. Electrical Supplies Division
4. Industrial Hardware Products
5. Safety and Security Products Division
6. Oil & Gas Field Supplies Division
7. Hydraulic Power Division
8. Instrumentation Supplies & Callibration Division
9. Project Supplies Division
10. Power Tools Division
11. Metals Division

Business Locations

Address: Head Office
Building 121 & 125, Road No.105, 55 A1 Wakalat Street, Between Street No.18 & 19
P.O. Box: 40523, ,

Mobile No. :
Phone : 44585555
Fax Number : 44602297
Email : tissco@qatar.net.qa
Website Url : www.tissco-qatar.com

Address: Safety & Security Products Supplies Division
Al Handasa Street, B Ring Road, Al Mansoura, Doha

Mobile No. :
Phone : 44687493
Fax Number : 44694313
Email : ssp@tissco-qatar.com
Website Url : www.tissco-qatar.com

Address: Electrical Supplies Division
Ground Floor, Buzwair Trading Centre, E Industrial Street, ,

Mobile No. : 44682344
Phone : 44580529
Fax Number : 44580225
Email : esd@tissco-qatar.com
Website Url : www.tissco-qatar.com

Address: Instrumentation Supplies & Calibration Services Division
Gate No. 73, Street No.11 , ,

Mobile No. : 44607675
Phone : 44607660
Fax Number : 44607637
Email : ins@tissco-qatar.com
Website Url : www.tissco-qatar.com

Address: Power Tools Supplies Division
Shop No.5, Opposite Mitsubishi Showroom, Salwa Road, Doha

Mobile No. :
Phone : 44516591
Fax Number : 44682024
Email : ptd@tissco-qatar.com
Website Url : www.tissco-qatar.com

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