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Teba Specialized Dental Center has a team of dentists with post-graduate degrees in all areas of specialization. They have the knowledge ability, proficiency and experience and are well known in their fields. They received post-graduate, master and doctoral degrees in their areas of specialization from prominent institutions, both in their countries and abroad. Most are university professors who also lecture and train dental students at an undergraduate and post-graduate level.

Team of Dentists:
Dr. Louai Elzard - Oral Surgery- Specialist (License No. 369) Dr. Mona Shehadi-Prosthodontics- Specialist (License No. 517)

Established in June 2010 with a vision that it should be a prototype for clinics which make available dentists in all areas of specialization, and also follow standards of modern dental practice. It will offer dental services to dental patients who usually go to general practice dental clinics. However, those general practice clinics cannot offer treatments in their entirety due to below-standard of modern health care provider in accordance with the amended Health Care Provider Act of 2007, which dictates that health care providers shall abide by the rules of the Act being that the people shall have access to primary care, as well as secondary and tertiary care (which includes sending patients to experts), and that the treatment procedures and services should bring about that patient's satisfaction.

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Address: Abu Hamour Street, Doha
P.O. Box: 30306, ,

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Phone : 44163344
Fax Number : 44691699
Email : teba.s.d.center@gmail.com
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