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Phone number : 44062111
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Shaqab , is identified primarily as a catering services provider and it is our flagship service since we have successful catered to a large audience over the past 12 years and still continue to do so. Food being the basic entity in any person’s life, we aim to provide nutrition of the highest quality thereby enhancing his daily life. Our strict adherent to HSE policies and food safety standards ensure that we consistently deliver the best to our clients irrespective of the size of scale.

Our catering services combine the best that is to be offered from both regional and international resources, and offers a solution that befits the environment based around the service, while at the same time strives to serve a myriad of ethnic cuisines that provide a greater value for the cost upon which it is based.

The strength in our supply chain, is developed on the foundation of trust and the values derived from mutual co-dependence, thereby strengthening our relationships with suppliers and enabling us first-hand information about the food produce. This knowledge helps us plan better with the client, the kind of menus we can cater to on a seasonal basis and also ensures timely delivery of all the resources that are required. We strongly reinforce our position as market leaders, through continuous training & development of our highly committed team of professionals, thus strengthening the continued flow of innovation at all our projects.

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Address: Al Rabeea Building2,Al Jazira Al Arabiya Street
P.O. Box 14156, Fereej Bin Omran, Doha

Mobile No. :
Phone : 44062111
Fax Number : 44889260
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