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Business Category : Healthcare
Phone number : 44349191
Fax number : 44881988

Sedeer Medical is a leading and most competitive provider of Turnkey solutions, products and services in healthcare, education and research, veterinary sciences, forensics, agriculture, Oil and Gas industries etc. in Qatar.

Sedeer Medical was established in the year 2001. Our solutions encompass the entire gamut of healthcare delivery ranging from Turnkey solutions, Surgical, Clinical, Life Sciences, Laboratory Sciences, Emergency Medical Services, IT Solutions & so on.

We have always been in the forefront of the never-ending quest to provide quality services. Sedeer has been the vital link conveying the customer’s most important needs to the manufacturers. The domain expertise of the top level management in the Middle East business environment stretches to over 100 person years and helps to provide cutting-edge solutions.

We take pride in the fact that the world’s leading manufacturers have approached us to market their products jointly. When it comes to choosing products or partners, we are very selective. We have never been a “me too competitor” and are able to proudly live up to this fact. Our sales team comprises of highly qualified sales staff and biomedical engineers. We also have talented mechanical and electrical engineers in our project team. The company’s delivery model ensures that the best resources are utilized to provide timely support.


To be the most valued and cherished healthcare and technology provider company in Qatar without compromising on quality and service.


Setting standards in healthcare delivery and other important fields with innovative use of technology.


> Sustain an Enduring Partnership with Clients and Suppliers
> Never compromising on Quality
> Demonstrate Ethics in Business
> Able to Bring on Customer Delight

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Address: Building No:10, Sahathu Rabeeh Road, Fareej Kulaib Street
PO Box: 6782, Fereej Kulaib, Doha

Mobile No. : 44349127
Phone : 44349191
Fax Number : 44881988
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