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Every glass of Safa Pure Drinking Water is filled to the brim with purity and nourishment.

Most people don’t drink enough water. The body responds to this water deficiency in a variety of ways, often as illnesses. Ongoing dehydration could even cause chronic disorders. That’s why SAFA International Manufactures 5 gallon Pure Drinking water bottles for homes and office. Just to make sure, you never run out of water.

ur well organized distribution network spans the length and breadth of Qatar. The 5 Gallon poly Carbonate Bottle Pure Drinking Water is transported in pick-up vans. The storing area of the van is covered with rolling shutters to safe guard the bottles stored inside from direct sunlight and other unforeseen contingencies.

We have a separate division for quick door delivery.

At SAFA International, we understand the importance of timely delivery. That’s why our modern networking system ensures that once you have placed your order, your regular supply of water is guaranteed.

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Address: Street 49, Gate 86, Industrial Area
P.O. Box: 24625, Industrial Area, Al Rayyan

Mobile No. : 55860595
Phone : 44606699
Fax Number : 44606690
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Safa is good. they come and deliver on time even without informing us. Honest....
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