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Business Category : Legal & Financial Services
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Fax number : 44860976

QIG was formed in 2006 from the joining together of multiple divisions. This enabled customer requirements to be met across a variety of industries and platforms.

Create value for shareholders:
QIG intends to create real financial value by ensuring that the return on everything it does exceeds the cost of its capital, as well as a commitment to continually grow the business in order to create sustainable value.

A respected corporate citizen:
QIG is working towards the good of tomorrow and is committed to its customers, suppliers, employees, the environment and the community at large.

A major player in the GCC region:
QIG aims to be the largest and most successful organization in the region. It also intends to build on this platform to become, on a global scale, the most significant international company in the Middle East.

The best people:
QIG intends to recruit the finest talent in each respective field and aims to ensure that careers are enjoyable, profitable and lengthy

A diversified group:
QIG operates within multiple industries in Qatar. The business model is also founded on further diversification into new sectors around the Gulf region.

Substantial revenue generation from new business:
Innovation is at the core of QIG’s growth engine. QIG actively pursues new opportunities which have the potential to rapidly transform into large sustainable businesses.

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Address: Al Istiqlal Street
PO Box: 22504, Wadi Al Sail, Doha

Mobile No. : 44869798
Phone : 44867176
Fax Number : 44860976
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