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Qatar is a place where people see things differently, where citizens embrace new ideas and welcome visitors as honored guests and dear friends.

Qatar is a bridge between tradition and global innovation. It’s a destination that attracts travelers visiting for leisure, business, medicine, sport and education, while preserving its authentic heritage and rich past.

The fundamental Qatari spirit is embodied in QTA’s seal, bringing worlds together: business combined with leisure, tradition with technology, and globalization meeting with a unique Qatari culture.

These elements combine to reinforce the idea that Qatar is vibrant, successful and progressive – a country shaped by an independent spirit, where anything is possible and everything is at your fingertips.

Qatar is one of the safest places in the world. Both visitors and residents have the opportunity to experience the welcoming and friendly nature of Arab culture. Like anywhere else, respecting local traditions and practices allows you to enjoy the true essence of the host country, giving you a better travel experience.

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