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Qatar News Agency (QNA) was established in May 25th, 1975 by the Emiri Decree number 94 of the year 1975, to become the second Arab news agency dedicated to covering news in the Gulf Region and one of Qatar’s big achievements in the field of information.

The agency witnessed quantitative and qualitative developments. It started with a transmission of half an hour a day, now its transmission extends to 24 hours a day. The Emiri Decision issued on 12 September, 2007 organizing the agency shows the keenness of the political leadership and its interest in rising media awareness and consolidating its professionalism in the country.

The Agency is objective and impartial in its coverage of news. (QNA)’s presiding over of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA) for two years contributed to consolidating the Arab media which became more developed thanks to the new technologies it uses.

QNA is a member of the Arab News Agencies Union (ANAU) and of the League of the News Agencies of the Non-Alignment Movement.(QNA) is also a member of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN). It is accredited by (ANAU) to serve as a news dispatching center between these agencies and the South-East Asian and Pacific News Agencies Union.It is also an active member of the executive board of the Islamic News Agencies Union.

The strategy (QNA) follows has contributed to strengthening its role in the field of information and enabled it to consolidate its cooperation ties with Arab and international media organs. (QNA) provides media services to various state media organs through correspondents at home and abroad. The number of correspondents and journalists and editors has known a very noticeable increase which was positively reflected in a remarkable increase in the number of news published by the Agency and which reached 58488 in 2012 while it did not exceed 57405 in 2011.

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