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Qatar Nanotechnology aims to utilize nanomaterials and their application in many fields and benefit from their properties to improve people lives. We identify areas of application and materials and fit it to our customers needs. Our strategy is to help companies and organizations exploit the value of nanomaterials now and in the future. Our company values environmental and sustainable best practice, business efficiency, and energy conservation. We are a young company with a huge potential. We have identified a number of specific materials and technologies and requirements that are enabling us to focus on driving revenue forward. These Nano products can save companies real materials, operating costs, reduce CO2 emission. Using our nanotechnology based products will help companies to: Save materials Reduce waste Conserve wat Reduce the use of hazadarous cleaning chemicals Reduce pollution Qatar nanotechnology encourages green technologies and products. Our goal is to help companies and organizations to rely the benefits of going green and introduce them to nano-smart materials which can turn them into profitable and responsible companies simply by using emerging nanotechnologies. If you have any ideas, we defiantly want to hear and collaborate with you. Our Mission We are a technology distribution and a solutions company dedicated to: Providing creative solutions to reduce cost and emission in many industries. Utilising nanomaterials to solve problems and improve lives Partnering other companies and organization who will advance our vision to inspire creative solutions.

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