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It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! So you can buy from home, or at the office. And if you need help choosing, you'll find information about everything we have on the website, as well as tips and ideas and loads of inspiration!

1. Choose your products - Browse, compare and choose.

2. Add to your shopping cart - Once you've chosen a product, add it to your shopping cart and keep shopping until you're ready to check out and place your order.

3. Payment & delivery - You will receive confirmation of your order. At this point we will contact you within the next 48 hours to discuss delivery options an Qatar Collections is the first and largest online collection of arts crafts designs and unique products.

Qatar collections started with paintings and art in general, then has expanded rapidly with hundreds of members displaying their work for sale, members like artists, craftsmen, antique collectors, photographers, home and office suppliers, fashion designers, jewellery and watches shops, sports and leisure items, food and beverage including restaurants in Qatar and home based businesses, service industry and non profit organizations.

What’s attractive about Qatar collections is the simplicity in its web design in the same time providing full details of the products and their respective advertiser along with clear pictures where visitors can enjoy browsing the enormous collection of products with ease and can contact the sellers directly either by phone or email. Our user friendly website saves time and effort for all users and visitors.

The reason you should visit is you will find everything you need and everything you didn’t think you need, browse all our categories, check our amazing handcrafts, spoil your loved ones with exclusive jewellery, stop paying silly prices for your kids wear, rummage through our huge fashion collection, browse through our unique and authentic collection of paintings, contact our party suppliers for your next event and you can always contact us if you need any help finding something.

The prices on Qatar Collections are unbeatable for many reasons, such as sellers don’t pay us commission, and many are home based businesses that don’t have overheads and shop rentals to pay, so they all can afford to give you products with extremely reasonable prices.

What makes us unique also is we do not take commission or annual fees from vendors, we do not interfere between buyer and seller, and both buyer and seller deal directly between each other, keeping any middle men out.

Qatar Collections provides support in all kinds of marketing vendors’ products, we have many solutions to help you promote with high online exposure. We can provide vendors with on site banners, Facebook campaigns, email marketing tools, SMS text messages advertising your products.

Receive our popular newsletters whether you’re a vendor or just a subscriber and be familiar with our latest news and products.

Our Mission & Vision

An important challenge for us is to seek out talented local artists, collectors, family based businesses and other unique speciality stores at the start of their journey. To create an online community to display and share their work. We have also created the e Store feature designed to showcase collections with higher exposure.

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