Wellcare Loyalty Card
Wellcare Card has been planned and implemented to make our patients/customers life easier. We strongly believe that our Wellcare Card can contribute a lot to our valuable customers in maintaining a proper health. When you become a member of Wellcare Card program, you secure your health better than before. As a member you will have the advantage of maintaining a track record of your medical routine to maintain a healthy life. Wellcare Card is not just a privilege card or discount card. It has lot to do than just discounts and points. When you visit any of the Wellcare Pharmacy with Wellcare Card, we could be having the complete details of your medication. So you don’t need to remember the medication which you are undergoing. When you buy any new medicines from Wellcare Pharmacy with Wellcare Card, our Pharmacist can inform you whether there is any chemical contraindication with your previous medication and the new medication. when you buy your chronic medication from any of Wellcare Pharmacy with Wellcare card ,you will be reminded through sms/mail regarding the refilling of your regular medication. Your complete health related details i.e. your last medication, your last Physician, etc will be stored by us, which can be utilized by you whenever necessary. You will be updated with seasonal offers and promotions of Wellcare Group of Pharmacies. You will be receiving regular notification on updates and new findings of health related studies and progress. ADDED BENEFITS: As a member, you will receive 5 care points for every 100 Qatari Riyal Non-Pharmaceutical Products spent on wellcare pharmacies. Upon earning 50 care points, you can purchase any product of the same value from any wellcare pharmacies. PRODUCT PRIVACY: We would like to protect the treatment and medication privacy of our valuable customers. Until and unless the card holder comes directly to the pharmacy to check the details of the previous medication and treatment undergoing we will never disclose the details to anyone else.