Bread & Accompaniments
Bread and Accompaniments
Naan QR 11 Classic bread made from refined flour. Tandoori Roti QR 10 Bread made from whole-wheat flour. Romali QR 12 A light, thin bread made from refined flour. Lacha Parantha QR 10 Layered bread made from refined flour and butter. Stuffed Kulcha (veg) QR 12 (chicken) QR 14 Bread made from refined flour, stuffed with a choice of: Onions / cottage cheese / cauliflower / potato / chicken Vegetable Raita QR 22 Plain yoghurt with chopped cucumber, tomato and onion. Boondi Raita QR 24 Gram flour pearls in spicy yoghurt. Natural Yoghurt QR 18 Fresh Vegetable Salad QR 20 Sliced or tossed with a choice of dres