Main Course Vegetarian
A great recipe is like an immortal tune, it happens, but only a few times in ones life Paneer Makhani QR 50 Cottage cheese cooked in a tomato and cream gravy, flavoured with dry fenugreek leaves. Palak Paneer QR 45 Cottage cheese in a spicy spinach gravy. Kadahi Paneer QR 50 Cottage cheese and green peppers in a spicy tomato and onion gravy. Kadahi Vegetable QR 45 Mixed vegetables and mushrooms in a thick, chunky tomato and onion gravy. Bhindi Masala QR 45 Okra cooked with onions, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander and cumin. Veg Rogan Josh QR 45 Cottage cheese dumplings cooked in a yoghurt, cashew nut and brown onion gravy with mixed vegetables. Aloo Masala QR 40 Baby potatoes in a spicy onion and tomato gravy, tempered with cumin, mustard and fennel seeds. Aloo Matar Gobi QR 45 A traditional home-style preparation of potatoes, green peas and cauliflower cooked with cumin, green chillies and spices. Mushroom Mutter QR 38 Mushrooms and green peas cooked in an onion, tomato and cashew nut gravy. Hare Baingan ka Bharta QR 35 (Mai’s favourite) Oven-roasted and mashed eggplants tempered with mustard seeds, onions, garlic, green chillies and fresh coriander in clarified butter. My mother Mai cooked great non-vegetarian cuisine for her family, but remained a pure vegetarian all her life. She simply adored this simple roasted aubergine dish. Mirch Baingan ka Salan QR 45 Fried baby eggplants and green chillies cooked in a sweet and sour cashew nut, peanut, coconut, jaggery and tamarind gravy. Main Course Vegetarian Recipe compliments of Asha Bhosle All dishes may contain traces of nuts