Refreshing Cocktails
Refreshing Cocktails Delhi Devil QR 24 Fresh pomegranate and mint muddled with lemon juice and ginger syrup, lengthened with lemonade Truly Berry QR 26 Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries muddled with mint leaves lengthened with lemonade. Vanilla Berry QR 26 Raspberries and blackberries muddled with homemade vanilla sugar, lengthened with cranberry and apple juice. Alchemist QR 26 Lychees muddled with raspberry purée and homemade vanilla sugar, topped with apple juice. Rickshaw Fizz QR 26 Fresh kumquats, red currants and raspberries muddled with homemade vanilla sugar, lengthened with cranberry juice. Calcutta Crush QR 26 Fresh strawberries muddled with lime and homemade vanilla sugar, lengthened with cranberry juice and Earl Grey tea. Maotai QR 26 Fresh lemongrass, bird's eye chili and coriander leaves, shaken and lengthened with coconut water Watermelon and Ginger Mash QR 26 A refreshing combination of watermelon, ginger and mint, shaken and scented with rose water. St rawberry Passion Mash QR 26 Fresh strawberries and passion fruit muddled with lemon, topped with lemonade and scented with rose water Speckled Bangle QR 26 Fresh mandarin muddled with homemade vanilla sugar and cinnamon syrup, topped with soda water. Backwater Delight QR 24 Coconut purée muddled with lime, mint and ginger, topped with pineapple juice Mango and Passion Fruit Caipiroska QR 24 Lime muddled with mango purée and passion fruit , topped with lemonade. Ginger Moscow Mule QR 24 Fresh ginger and mint muddled with lime, lengthened with lemonade.