Missing teeth is the main problem making people come to prosthodontic clinic. Missing teeth affect appearance and function of the oral cavity (mouth) also severe resorption of bone in the extraction site (missing teeth site) and will participate in wrinkles in the face around oral cavity so teeth replacement is mandatory for appearance, function and health. Our center provides a wide range of teeth replacement treatment plans, ranging from removable appliance, complete and partial dentures, and acrylic or chromium cobalt to fixed prosthesis. Porcelain fused to metal or porcelain metal – free (In Ceram, Impress, CAD/CAM, or Zircon) Implantology is a new innovation in dental practice nowadays even with complete loss of teeth. At Avenues Dental Center we can construct fixed prosthesis and return the natural smile. Malformed teeth and deeply stained teeth also can be treated with fixed prosthesis for better function and appearance by using Laminate Veneers or Lumineers, thus our patients can get Hollywood smile. Prosthodontic clinic in Avenues Dental Center is prepared with highly qualified, talented and experienced clinic staff and provided with recent advanced healthy materials and also equipped with new machines to achieve best results.