Endodontic Treatment
By using the best dental materials and techniques available we can ensure that our patients are provided with the best root filling. The practice is sympathetic, friendly and personal to help you feel confident and relaxed when you come in for any root canal treatment. Our most important consideration is quality of care. We therefore take all necessary precautions to maintain the highest standards of safety. Disposable items are used when appropriate, and instruments are sterilized using the most modern effective methods available. A thorough examination of the tooth that will include x-rays will be done, and then after firm diagnosis is reached root canal treatment will be initiated. The damaged pulp is removed from and the canal is cleaned and shaped then sealed with the root canal filling. We believe the treatment offered in the Avenues Dental Center is the best possible. We are continually researching new treatments and materials as soon as they hit the market, and any that have been proven from trusted verifiable research are adopted.