available treatments and procedures ARTHRITIS OSTEOARTHRITIS - joint disease of old age RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS - accute immune disorder commonly involving joints of fingers, wrists and toes REGIONAL CONDITIONS OF NECK AND UPPER LIMB NECK - pain radiating down the arm, pain in the neck with or without radiating pain SHOULDER - pain around shoulder with diffuse radiation down to the middle of the arm ELBOW - Pain in the lateral aspect of elbow and sense of weakness even when lifting small objects WRIST AND HANDS - pain and discomfort on movement of the wrist REGIONAL CONDITIONS OF THE SPINE AND LOWER LIMB SPINE - pain on lower back with diffuse radiation into both gluteal regions and back of thighs HIP - pain in the hip or referred pain in the anterior aspects of the knee extending down the front leg KNEE - diffuse pain extending down the front of the leg FOOT - pain is worse early morning and inability to bear weight on foot or getting up from bed