available treatments and procedures Vision testing and Autorefraction (Computerised testing of eye power) Vision testing for Driving License purpose (Ministry approved) Contact Lens Clinic Ishihara Chart - assessment for Colour Blindness Autokeratometry for checking curvature of cornea Slit Lamp examination of the Eye –examination of the eye using a special instrument to detect minute lesions Measurement of Eye(Intra-ocular) Pressure in patients with Glaucoma Retinal examinations for Diabetics, Hypertensives, Myopes and other Retinal conditions Incision and Curettage of Chalazion under local anesthesia Removal of foreign bodies from the Eye Epilation of in turned eye-lashes (trichiasis) Removal of sutures after eye surgery Incision and drainage of eye abscess under local anesthesia Dacryocystectomy and Dacryocystorhinostomy under local anesthesia Autoperimetry Laser procedures (available soon)