Growing Rooms
SAIC has specialized germination room (growing room) in the farm and it is the sate of art facility in Qatar. Germination rooms are equipped with controlled environment condition to obtain proper and healthy seed germination in the room condition. Our growing rooms has the facility of artificial controlled light condition, temperature control, humidity control, fertilizer recycling system and irrigation system to germinate different kinds of vegetable and flowers seeds irrespective of climate condition. Seeds are used to sown in the known quality of growing medium such as jiffy pots or trays and it will be transfer to growing room for germination. In the room external environment condition such as light intensity (lux), temperature, and humidity will be adjusted depends on different type of seeds requirements for the germination, after the germination seedlings will be given nutrition and pesticides to obtain the healthy diseases free seedlings. Most of the cool climate vegetables and flower plants will not germinate in the normal growing condition due to thermodormancy (sleeping stag of seeds due to higher temperature, example Geranium). The germination room will enable to break the seed dormancy to produce the young seedlings on the desired time. The young seedlings will be grown in the germination room first two to three weeks then it will undergo the hardening process to transplant the seedlings to greenhouse or open field