Local Shifting Services
North Ocean has a team of professional packers who help in providing local shifting services of your Home/Office. We know how stressful transfers can be and thus, we give our clients the best advise, please go through the below tips for a successful move:-
First and foremost, classify the items that need to be moved to the new place, you don’t want to be carrying additional stuff and pay extra too.
Make a list of all your items, big or small. Assess the layout of the new home/office; this will help you pack the items accordingly.
Label your items as per the rooms; or your needs and requirements. You could use colour codes or numbers to identify the boxes quicker.
When you’re packing make sure you have wrapped your delicate and fragile items with towels or old linens. This form of wrapping prevents the items from damage.
Pack the books, linens, clothing, toys and small kitchen appliances yourself. This will help in saving additional costs as well as space.
Fill the luggage bags and suitcases with clothing, sheets, towels and other belongings.
Ensure that your credentials, cash, and jewellery are safe with you and not given to the movers and packers.
Disconnect all your landlines and internet connections a week before you relocate. When disconnecting the computer system, make sure you have taken the back up of important files.
Additionally, inform KARAMA, your bank, and other companies about the change in your postal address.
Drain out all the oil and gas from your equipment. For example, your lawn mower, dishwasher, stove, washer and dryer. Thaw and clean the refrigerator.