Car Service Center
The key to maintaining a vehicle in long, reliable and safe operation, is regular servicing and preventive maintenance. We offer a comprehensive vehicle maintenance program that will minimize unexpected breakdowns, ensure vehicle safety and reliability, sustain vehicle’s performance and maintain its value. Our inspection checkpointsWhen does inspection occur? Typically, when you bring your vehicle for servicing, diagnostics or evaluation, we perform a routine inspection of all major vehicle systems and key components. Many confuse the inspection with maintenance – please do not, replacing your brake fluid isn’t the same as checking its level or topping it up! What does our routine inspection cover? We perform all necessary adjustments and corrections, calibration and topping-up, but the inspection does not cover repairs, replacement or reconditioning of parts or assemblies. Repairs are performed either during service maintenance, or regular maintenance. In order to ensure that we have the full and complete understanding of your vehicle’s condition, we perform vehicle inspections using multiple methods – visual/static, test environment/dynamic, road test, computer-based diagnostics, etc. Here is a list of the inspection points that we cover when you service your vehicle with us:
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