Mechanial Works
Latest technology and infrastructure supports available in the company, maintain the quality standards as well as innovation possibilities in terms of the mechanical work carried out in the company. Speedy diagnosis of the problem related to the automobile is done and effective measures to solve the same are taken. Acting as a doctor ready to serve the patient, the auto mechanic will efficiently treat all types of mechanical and electronic malfunctions in the vehicle`s body. Xpress Car Service has its specially designed mechanical and electrical tools, instruments and systems such as different categories of car lifting jacks, self sustainable spare parts store, Chassis straightening machine etc. that are technically advanced and which are used in solving varied problems associated with an automobile and its parts. Our mechanical department is professionally and competently resourceful, ready to act on any kind if issues. Some of the mechanical and electrical works we carry out include Engine Overhauling, Gearbox Overhauling with Premium Lubricants & Oils, repair and replacements of parts etc.