Car Leasing
Lease Or Buy? Can’t decide whether to Lease or Buy? The below points can help you to take a decision about leasing out a car; Leasing allows you to enjoy the vehicle without paying any additional costs for service and repairs. Lesser payment to be made as compared to buying/renting. Vehicle replacement when lease vehicle undergoes servicing. Leasing is an answer to expensive long rentals. Al Muftah Rent A Car accommodates all kinds of lease requirements for individuals and corporate. As per our client’s requisite we have devised Short Term and Long Term Lease plans. Our ever-responsive team can help you select the precise lease plan according to your requirement. A glance at Al Muftah Rent a Car Leasing benefits will give you a better understanding: Competitive rates Non-requirement of down payment or upfront fees If the lease vehicle needs servicing, replacement vehicle is provided without any extra cost Simple paper-work and easy delivery of the vehicle No additional expenditure on maintenance and servicing Exclusive range of vehicles Our unique ability to simplify all your transportation requisites makes us distinct