Parents Committee
There are many benefits in working with parents. In KIPS we have organized a parent committee, made up of one parent from each classroom, but open to any interested parent. This committee is formed to provide a source of support for the center and its staff. It helps KIPS to know and celebrate her children’s background and home culture. Also, it plans KIPS’s events such as Staff Appreciation Week, Cultural Week and family picnics. This committee provides an opportunity for parents to bring their valuable ideas and experience into KIPS. The committee’s meetings will be held once a month, or upon the request. Please follow up with Parent Committee meetings on the KIPS blog page.... Our Partnership with Parent and Families We recognize that a child’s first impressions of the world begin at home and it is therefore vital that both the nursery and parents work together. Parents are encouraged to share their ideas with us to help shape the service we offer to the children. We value the contributions made by parents and will actively seek a partnership through which the children will benefit by having continuous and consistent care. This is an essential ingredient in supporting their confidence and developing their earning potential. At KIPS we understand that parents are the first and most enduring educators of their children. Regular communication and exchange of information is the key aim of our parent partnership which we will achieve in the following ways: Our parent handbook. Our web site ( The parent notice-board. Daily written and verbal reports about each child (eating, sleep, learning and care updates). Long term reports about each child based on observations. Nursery policies published in our reception area. parent evenings. Social events such as parents’ evenings and picnics. Training sessions & introducing resources such as book, magazine and e-article for parents who are searching for behavior management and child protection resources. Suggestion box. Complaints procedure. Links with schools, health centers and local businesses.