Safety Of Kids
In KIPS, safety is considered as the first priority and the first core value. KIPS follows all safety requirements stated by civil defence in state of Qatar, Canadian pediatric society and Canadian Childcare Federation. As a requirement, all safety features are going through regular checkups by civil defence, staff and parent committee members and the status is reported to the management for required or immediate action depending on the nature of observed problems. Some of the safety features and highlights are: KIPS has all of its classrooms and playgrounds on the ground floor with 6 emergency exits which are clearly marked and regularly maintained to be out of any obstacles. KIPS is equipped with a certified and centralized fire extinguishing and smoke detection system. Each year, a soft fire drill is performed to make sure that all staffs properly follow the evacuation procedures. All classes and playgrounds have static-proof, fire-proof and soft vinyl carpets. Tables, chairs, and all toys used within the classrooms and all the larger toys in play areas, are disinfected with white vinegar which is a strong but healthy disinfectant. Chemicals are used to disinfect the floors and toilets only after school hours. At least, one qualified nurse is present in the center at all time. The center is visited by a pediatric doctor on a regular basis. The center has a dedicated nurse room for temporarily caring for sick kids. KIPS follows a strict sick policy. KIPS is a Bullying free environment. Outdoor playground is safeguarded with a soft and high quality child-proof vinyl carpet. KIPS is a Nuts free environment and all parents are advised about the policy at the time of registration. Foods or birthday cakes brought to school by parents are not accepted if it has traces of nuts. All staff holds medical certificate attested by supreme health court of Qatar. KIPS is equipped with a CCTV security camera system.