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Qatar is fast emerging as an economic giant of the Middle East. The country boosts the world's highest per capita GDP, while its economy is expanding at a rate of 19.40% per year. Last year alone Qatar attracted an estimated $ 100 billion in foreign investment. All in all business is booming, and the prospect of unhindered growth has made Qatar a hotbed of local and international commercial activities.
Retail activities are on the rise and the demand for commercial property, especially showrooms in Qatar is increasing day by day. However, finding an ideal showroom to present products is increasing becoming difficult, especially for individuals with limited market experience. This is where we come in! Bhome is a leading real estate marketing agency of Qatar, specializing in commercial properties including retail outlets, offices, warehouses and showrooms. We have the widest array of showroom options available in the city, and we guarantee that when it comes to showrooms in Qatar, no other estate agency can match our expertise.
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