Watersports / kayaking / Kitesurfing / SUP/ Fitness Qatar
Qatar is surrounded by the sea. Most of you live no more than 10 minutes from the sea and yet how many times do you get out on the water? Admittedly it is not always easy but there are a fair few ways of enjoying Qatar’s number one natural resource (sea water). Below are a few recommendations of the best ways to get out there. Kitesurfing – The most extreme of Qatar’s watersport options, Kitesurfing is a booming sport around Qatar’s shores with a fast growing community of participants from all over the world. There are a range of venues all over Qatar the most popular depending on the winds and tides at the time. A sport that has an incredibly steep learning curve once hooked you will never look back. Qatar’s leading equipment suppliers and instructors are Kitesurfing Qatar. Visit http://www.kitesurfingqatar.com for more information or be a part of the community by visiting the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kitesurfqatar Kayaking/paddleboarding – A little less extreme but no less energetic is sea kayaking and paddle boarding. Lots of individuals take part but if you would like to rent gear or join a growing community then contact Paddle Qatar either via their webpage www.paddleqatar.com or their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/paddleqatar Wakeboarding/waterskiing – A bit more expensive but probably worth it. Wakeboarding is fun and given Doha’s warm, calm water really safe. Mostly done from personal boats if you want to hire the best place is via the Diplomatic Club. You don’t need to be a member but it is worth getting in touch first to confirm. http://www.thediplomaticclub.com Fishing – Very popular with all nationalities fishing in Qatar’s abundant waters can be a rewarding and ultimately delicious experience. Most of the good fishing requires a boat to get you into deep water although there are some areas (you can spot the other fisherman there) around the coast where you can get lucky. Again most boat fishing is from private boats but rental is possible. The Diplomatic Club (see above) can help you here).