Squash, Fitness Qatar
You may not know it but squash is huge in Qatar and is growing every day. We are not sure but, per capita, there can’t be anywhere in the world with so many courts. Compounds, gyms, the tennis complex, there are courts everywhere. Squash beats tennis in Qatar because it is hot and squash is indoors. It is a no brainer. So how to get involved? We recommend the John Lord Duffers League. It has hundreds of members and is all managed online. There are leagues for every level from beginner to expert and you only have to play four matches or so each month. Check out http://www.squashleagues.com/duffers/ Need lessons? There are a few pros around town but if you want a real expert then come to us. One of Fitness Qatar’s staff members is a touring pro on WISPA currently ranked 55 in the World. She gives lessons and really knows her stuff. Incidentally she also has a blog that you can follow here www.adelweir.com