External Park
The Scout and Swimming Pool Buildings at Barzan are well supported by Ancillary Building like Three Guard Houses properly situated near the Swimming Pool Building Entrance, Entrance to the Main Park and Entry to the Playfield Courts. There is also a Cafeteria Building right at the center of the Park which can cater food service to visitors of the Park, the Cafeteria is surrounded by Sixteen (16) numbers of Fountains to provide additional features and comfort while sitting around the Cafeteria and watching TV and video thru external television around the Cafeteria. At a distant from the Cafeteria is a Bicycle Track Oval for kids and family to enjoy riding in Single, Twin and Four Seater Bikes within the Track length of approximately 180M with a Track width of 2.50 M. The Bicycle Track Oval features an artificial Lake with Fountain and soft landscaping to add beauty and comfort to all Bikers. The Park also offers a Jogging Lane with Rubber Sports Flooring with an approximate distance of 500m alongside the walking lane. The park has benches scattered all over the Park for people to take rest and watch the Leaping Jet Fountain (2m high) with 92 jet nozzles up and down with a diameter of 15m right at the center of the Green Area. Also inside the Park are different sizes of Tents with benches and tables for family members and also a big Tent Area which provides Playground Equipment for small children and the like. There are also Table Tennis and floor Chess games in other Tents inside the Park. The Park is completely enclosed by a composite fence made of steel grilles and stone cladded fence walls/columns. There is also an outside convenient parking right at the Entrance of the Park to allow direct entry by pedestrians to the Park. And finally for sports minded people.