Playing Courts
The park offers playing courts at its southern part, with two (2) mini football courts, two (2) rubberized floors tennis court and a multi-functional court for basketball, volleyball and handball. These Playing Courts are well fenced with separate gates and around these Courts is a Jogging and Walking Lane for Sports Men and Athletes to do warm-up and stretching before playing. Also, along these Jogging Lanes on the Green/Grass Area are Five (05) numbers of Legs and Body Exercise Equipment for additional stretching of their muscles. These Play field Courts are well lighted by 12M high lighting mast all over each Court and these Courts can be easily accessed from the south side gate with provisions of parking right in front of the Courts. The Park also provides a small mosque for male and female, Two (2) numbers of Toilet Buildings (male & female)strategically located inside the Park. Also along the Jogging and Walking Lanes and Play field Courts are Seven (7) numbers of external Drinking Fountains scattered conveniently all over the Park.