The School has two full-time guidance counselors who oversee the guidance programme. This programme is available to help students, parents and teachers to have positive learning experiences. Students are encouraged to not only meet academic goals, but also to develop social and life skills and improve self-esteem. Assisting children to achieve their full potential is important to all staff members, and we follow a team approach in working to accomplish this. Some of the services provided by the guidance office are as follows: Individual counseling Students are met on an individual basis. Educational, social, and personal needs are addressed. More serious concerns are referred to outside resources. Small group counseling sessions The counselor meets with small groups of students to discuss topics such as self-esteem, friendship, conflict resolution, bullying, peer pressure etc. Classroom guidance Classes are conducted in grades 1-9 on topics such as friendship, peer pressure, peer helpers, body language awareness, Internet safety etc. Student appraisal The counselor works closely with teachers, administrators, parents and occasionally, outside specialists, to gather information about student abilities, behaviors and needs, so that appropriate decisions can be made about educational placement and student welfare. Transitioning The counselor assists new students to make successful transitions into the school, and also helps 5th grade students make successful transitions out of Lower School and into Middle School. Referrals Students and their families receive assistance from programmes and services in the school and from outside agencies. Parents are encouraged to contact the counseling office at any time during the school year if they have any questions and/or concerns about their child’s welfare.