Learning support
The Learning Support programme helps students with mild learning difficulties progress in a mainstream school environment. The goal of the programme is for students with learning needs to be successful in their coursework by building self-awareness, confidence, and independent study habits. Support services are delivered via a combination of an in-class inclusion model for core academic classes, specialised small group instructional sessions in the areas of mathematics and literacy fundamentals, study hall, and homework club opportunities. In-class support may include a co-teaching model or a facilitation model, during which learning specialists work with classroom teachers to differentiate classroom content and products, to encourage multisensory instructional approaches, and to provide accommodations and modifications necessary for students to access the curriculum. Small group sessions are provided in the areas of literacy and math and focus on bridging the identified gaps that may be present in a child's mathematical or literacy abilities. The course will be individualised to address the specific needs of each student, and will meet the child at their current ability. In addition, the curriculum for these sessions will be coordinated with the current core content curriculum being taught. Admission to the Learning Support programme is not exclusive, as the programme is designed to accommodate the needs of all students in the Lower and Middle School who experience difficulties accessing the general curriculum, or in keeping pace with the general curriculum. Accommodations and modifications to the students' academic programme are made for students as required, subject to review by the school.