IB Diploma Programme
The IB Diploma Programme has proved itself to be the success story in secondary education over the past 30 years. Fully recognised as an entrance qualification to universities in over 110 countries worldwide, this academically rigorous two-year course of studies is generally completed by students between the ages of 16 and 18.IB Diploma at ACS Doha ACS Doha's High School programme offers the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, as well as IB Certificates. Curriculum To earn an IB Diploma, students are required to study six subjects (at least three at Higher Level, and three at Standard Level): Language A1: a literature course in the student's native language Second language: one additional language Individuals & Societies: Social sciences Experimental sciences Maths & Computer Science The arts, or another subject from the sciences, languages or humanities. Additional Diploma Requirements All IB Diploma candidates must fulfil three requirements in addition to successful completion of their examinations in order to earn the IB Diploma. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) IB Diploma candidates are required to take an interdisciplinary critical thinking course, entitled "Theory of Knowledge." TOK explores the interdisciplinary nature among subject disciplines and encourages critical reflection and analysis. Two assessments must also be submitted. Extended Essay Students must select, research, and write an in-depth, independent research work or "Extended Essay" of 4000 words in one of the six subjects areas. Each student works under the guidance of an Extended Essay Supervisor. The Extended Essay requirement offers IB Diploma candidates the opportunity to become familiar with the independent research and writing skills expected at university. Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) CAS is a fundamental part of the Diploma experience, helping students to focus on the importance of extracurricular activities as an integral part of life, and as a healthy counterbalance to the world of scholarship and study. Diploma candidates must do the equivalent of 3 hours a week of community service, artistic, and physical activities over the two-year programme. The IB Diploma at ACS ACS has offered the IB Diploma for over 20 years, with graduates going on to leading universities around the world. Top universities recognize the academic integrity of this Diploma programme, its academic range, and the high level of study skills each student is encouraged to develop. Class sizes at ACS rarely exceed 20 students, guaranteeing a high degree of individual attention. This focused approach is reflected in our outstanding results. ACS consistently has a 95% or higher pass rate for full IB Diploma candidates (the international average is closer to 80%), and averages 34 points per student (the international average is only 30), while the maximum is 45 points. IB Diploma philosophy The underlying IB philosophy combines academic rigour with a strong sports programme, and a variety of extracurricular and community service projects. ACS students fulfil this demanding set of criteria through a wide range of activities: playing in soccer and rugby teams; participating in global internship programmes such as ORBIS; teaching English in India; assisting at local schools and centres for the disabled; participating in Model United Nations conferences; and helping in shelters for the homeless, to mention but a few. The IB Diploma Examinations IB Diploma requirements are based on a set of syllabuses developed by the IB that set forth clear objectives in courses and examinations. The award of the IB Diploma is contingent upon successful examination results in six subjects-three (or more) at Higher Level (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL). IB Diploma grades & assessment Standards of IB Diploma assessment are the same worldwide. An international Board of IB Chief Examiners is responsible for the conduct of the examinations, setting the papers, and marking and moderating the grades. Each examined subject is graded on a scale of 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). The award of the IB Diploma requires a minimum total score of 24, based on the principle that a grade 4 represents a passing level in each of the six subjects. Excellent performance in the six subjects results in a grade 7 for each, or a total score of 42 points. It is possible to earn additional points - a maximum of 3 - for superior work on the Extended Essay and Theory Of Knowledge. University Recognition The IB Diploma was developed to establish an internationally acceptable university entrance qualification for the student populations in international schools. The IB's reputation for rigorous assessment has given IB Diploma holders access to leading universities in over 110 countries worldwide. Since 1981 ACS students completing IB Certificates or the full IB Diploma have entered a wide range of universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning throughout the world. Every university in the UK accepts the IB Diploma as an entry qualification. In the US and Canada, IB Diplomas and Certificates (Higher Level) are recognized, and universities confer credit or advanced placement of up to one year for them.