High School
At ACS Doha we offer the flexibility and support to carefully synchronise each student’s learning style and academic needs with a carefully designed programme. We aim to enable all of our students for successful entry to higher education at institutions throughout the world, with emphasis on entry requirements for colleges and universities in the Gulf Region, the US, and the UK. The ACS Doha High School Diploma programme is underpinned by the American-based Common Core Standards. All students who successfully complete their studies will receive an American accredited High School Diploma. Licensed by the Supreme Education Council, we are currently seeking full accreditation from an accrediting agency in the United States. Our curriculum has been carefully developed keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of 21st Century learners. We offer a challenging program of studies designed to meet the needs of students. We offer a depth and breadth of subject selections in the disciplines of English, language acquisition, mathematics, experimental sciences, social sciences, physical education, and the arts. As well as academics, our high school students will participate in activities that promote physical well being, and development of self through serving their community. Students at ACS Doha will focus on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to develop and sustain their learning and well – being for life. We have recruited experienced, knowledgeable teachers from around the world, who understandthe value of “coaching” as well as “teaching” when it comes to preparing our students for academic success. Their knowledge of their subject area is coupled with inventive and successful teaching strategies developed through professional collaboration to strengthen their effectiveness. Resources for reflection and professional development opportunities for teachers are priorities at ACS Doha. Our collective aim is to help every learner in our programme to discover what they are good at, and to then develop their talent, knowledge and skill to the fullest extent, as we prepare each learner for higher - level education and a career. ACS Doha has recently been authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. As an IB World School, we share a common philosophy—a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education—that we believe is important for our students.