Secondary Curriculum
The school follows the U.K. educational system, broadly adhering to the British National Curriculum. The teaching staff are fully qualified and are mostly recruited from the U.K. Years 7 to 9 During the first three years in the Secondary Department, all students follow a broad-based balanced curriculum. The following subjects are studied Mathematics, French, Physical Education, English, Arabic, Science, Information Technology, Art, Design & Technology, Geography, History & Qur''an (optional). At the end of Year 9, pupils select the subjects they wish to pursue through to IGCSE. The IGCSE examinations are usually taken at the end of Year 11. Years 10 to 11 The two-year course leads towards an IGCSE (or, in a few cases, a GCSE) in each subject studied. The exact combinations of subjects available varies slightly from one year to the next, depending upon demands from the students - refer to the Year 10 Options Booklet (downloadable at right) for a list of subjects currently available in Years 10 and 11. Tthe International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an internationally recognised qualification, which is administered by the University of Cambridge. It is normally taken at the end of Year 11, when the student is around 16 years of age. The IGCSE is specifically designed to cater for international students. The GCSE is comparable to the IGCSE, but administered by a different organisation (Edexcel). The examination papers are sent away to the U.K. for marking, where grades are awarded on a combination of examination papers and in some cases coursework and assessments. Years 12 Throughout Year 12, the students study between 2 and 4 subjects leading to A/S and/or BTEC qualifications. See the Year 12 Options Booklet (downloadable from the home page) for a current list of available subjects. We also attempt, within the constraints of the timetable, to cater for those Year 12 students who also wish to re-sit one or two of their IGCSE''s. The AS exams (administered by Edexcel) are accepted as entry qualification to Universities in a number of countries. They are also accepted as qualifications to attend a foundation course at British Universities. The BTEC courses are administered by Edexcel in the UK. They are "hands-on" vocational courses to develop skills that will be useful in your future career. Years 13 Year 12 students can expect to continue their AS subjects into A Level in Year 13, subject to meeting the minimum standards. External applicants should contact the School Office to arrange a meeting with the Head of Secondary.