Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility at the QFC Authority The QFC Authority's policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects our approach to achieving our overall business goals by ensuring that we adhere to the best CSR behaviour and practice. Principles The QFCA is committed to a CSR policy which is guided by the following principles: Shared responsibility – CSR involves everyone within our organisation, as well as external stakeholders such as our licensed firms and suppliers. Openness and accountability – we regularly communicate our CSR policies, objectives and performance to our staff, partners and other stakeholders and welcome their feedback. Continuous improvement – we are committed to measuring and improving our CSR performance through the on-going monitoring of existing projects as well as engaging in new initiatives. Demonstrate compliance – We comply with all relevant legislation and where none exists, we look to develop and implement our own standards based on international best practice. Policies Relationships – We aim to develop strong relationships with our licensed firms, as well as other external organisations and individuals, and to conduct these relationships with integrity and courtesy. Communities – We look to build relationships with, and support, our service users and the local communities which we serve. We strive to support the local community’s charitable causes such as our involvement with INJAZ Qatar. Environment – We look to develop our business in an environmentally sustainable way and to include concern for the environment in all our activities. In particular, we support the recycling of materials throughout the organisation and encourage our partners to do so as well. Staff – Highly qualified and motivated staff are essential to achieve the QFCA’s ambitions. We offer an inspiring working environment where employees can grow and advance their careers. We promote and maintain equality and have constant regard to the welfare of our employees, including their career structure, empowerment and communication, and health and safety. At all levels we encourage and promote team-work and the sharing of skills and knowledge, whilst recognising outstanding individual contribution. Corporate Objectives and Practice Our corporate sponsorship and charitable activities are aimed mainly at supporting organisations which reflect the QFC Authority’s values and our commitment to the local community. The QFC Authority organises a Ramadan appeal on an annual basis, matching the amount donated by employees. In 2013 our employees raised QR 21,903 and the QFC Authority matched the amount to produce a grand total of QR 43,806. Projects supported included a medical camp to fight infectious diseases in Niger; a water treatment laboratory in Indonesia; and the building of a school in Ghana. The QFC Authority also supports Qatari students in accessing successful careers in the global economy and the QFC Authority is a board member and a sponsor of INJAZ Qatar. INJAZ Qatar is a partnership between the local business community, educational establishments and volunteers. This organisation facilitates links between private businesses and schools, aiming to equip students from grades 8 to 12 with practical business-related skills as part of the regular education curriculum. The programme focusses on the soft skills needed for succeeding in the work place and allows business professionals to share their real-life work experiences with the students. The QFC Authority, in addition, forges direct links with business colleges and universities to introduce students to careers in the financial sector. In 2013, five students from Qatar University were interns with the QFC Authority and experienced the practical side of business life. As part of Qatar National Sport Day, the QFC Authority also holds a sports day to help promote the State of Qatar’s policy of improving the nation’s health. For more information, please contact: E-mail: Tel: +974 4496 7777