Opportunities for Qatari Firms
Opportunities for Qatari Firms There is occasionally a perception that the QFC environment is wholly for multinational firms. This is not the case. It is important to recognise that Qatar has a one country, two systems approach. As well as the obvious appeal to multinational firms, the Qatar Financial Centre has increasingly proved to be an attractive proposition for Qatari firms and already a number of Qatar headquartered financial services firms have applied for, and received, QFC licences. By licensing with the QFC domestic firms are able to operate under international common law and benefit from the increased range of business development opportunities that this registration brings. More specifically, the QFC provides local companies with an ideal environment from which to launch themselves internationally. Local Qatari firms can benefit from the evolution of the QFC’s regulatory framework where developments have been designed to add capacity and facilitate the growth of the financial services industry within Qatar. For local Qatari firms with international aspirations there are many benefits to registration on the QFC. These have already been recognised by many local Qatari firms and we look forward to welcoming more local registrants in the future.