The e-government system was implemented on 5th September 2000 and enabled Q-Post to join forces with the Ministry of the Interior in the renewal of Residence Permits electronically. The e-government system allows for the collection and delivery in sealed bags, which contain passports and documents from Q-Post to the Immigration Department and back, and to produce and store all the relevant documentation. Currently more than 25 companies in Qatar are benefiting from the e-government system and the number is increasing daily. Companies can expect to renew their employee’s Residents Permits within a period of less than 2 days. Q-Post e-Resident is an online extranet service in partnership with the Ministry of Interior and immigration, which allows the general public to re-new their dependents residence Visa and ID Cards. The system includes e-banking, which handles the transfer of funds from Q-Post to the Immigration Department bank account when a residence visa is processed. The service went live 15th February 2003