QLIVE will be the defining feature of Mall of Qatar. It's not a one-off event. It is not just an entertainment concept. It's not an idea to drive footfall during non-peak lulls in the yearly calendar. QLIVE is much more than that. QLIVE will power Mall of Qatar. It is the essence from which MOQ engages with the customers, and the magic that keeps them returning. It encompasses events, entertainment, sports, live concerts, and in-mall activities. It engages with children, the youth, mothers and fathers, the elderly and even those too young to walk. QLIVE is for everyone. QLIVE is intrinsic to MOQ's entire marketing push. It is also central to MOQ's districting and tenant mix. MOQ will consistently drive the best customer traffic across the entire mall for all tenants – so they can concentrate on what they do best; sales.