SMS Banking
QNB SMS banking With QNB SMS banking, QNB customers can stay on top of their bank accounts and bank with sms. SMS Banking Features Check account balances and statements Cardless cash withdrawals with QNB Mobile Cash SMS Money transfers to other accounts with QNB Mobile payment SMS Qtel Hala balance top ups through SMS IPOs' subscriptions For the complete list of available PULL services, send SMS with text HELP to 92777. SMS Alerts Features Enjoy a peace of mind by receiving SMS alerts confirming your account activities and reminding you of upcoming payments' due dates. Instant sign-up Receive alerts for all bank accounts and credit card transactions SMS alerts for internet banking logins, password changes and more Credit card limits and account balances SMS alerts This is a free service for all QNB customers. To register to the service, you need to have an Internet banking account with us If you are a QNB customer and do not have an internet account with us, you can register online by using your QNB debit card information. Or by calling Customer Care Center on 4440 7777 Call us on: 44407777