Home Insurance
Home Insurance Get more than you expect with our combined buildings and contents insurance. Protect your treasured possessions through three different plans -Silver, Gold and Platinum plans with a complete comprehensive protection for all articles inside your home against accidental loss of or damage. Features House hold contents coverage up to QAR 500,000 Jewelleries coverage up to QAR 50,000 Content temporarily removed up to QAR 100,000 Clothes coverage up to QAR 25,000 Personal belongings all risk up to QAR 20,000 Alternative accommodation up to QAR 150,000 Occupier's personal liability up to QAR 1,000,000 Tenant's liability up to QAR 250,000 Fatal injury for self & spouse for up to QAR 50,000 Replacement of locks & keys due to theft up to QAR 1,000 Domestic helper cover against Death or Permanent Total Disability, Medical & Repatriation Expenses *Terms and conditions apply