Sports Activities
Qatar attracts the biggest sporting events in the world, not least the World Cup 2022, Asian (football) Cup and Asian Games, to name but three. Visitors have the opportunity to stay and watch some of the world’s most exciting sports events in football, tennis, golf, sailing, power-boating, cycling, motor racing, and desert trekking and many more. In Qatar there are also opportunities for nearly every sport that visitors can experience and enjoy during their stay. Qatar offers it all - from bowling to cycling, dune-bashing to sand skiing, football and rugby to falconry, golf to ice-skating, horse racing to camel racing, horse riding to jetski, motor sports to water sports, tennis to swimming, snooker to boating on anything from sailboats to traditional dhows to luxury yachts. Then you can kayak, dive or water-ski in the beautifully clear and clean blue waters off Qatar’s shores. Finally, Qatar offers superb world-class health and leisure facilities in 5 star luxury spas, gyms, fitness centres and athletic stadiums – so visit Qatar to feel great.
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