Corporate Card
Manage your personal and corporate expenses with ease.
Choose an HSBC Corporate Card for flexible yet controlled spending, whether you're travelling or entertaining.
HSBC Corporate Cards help companies manage their employees' travel and entertainment expenses. Set up individual credit limits based upon expected usage requirements, segregate personal expenses from company ones, and reduce paperwork so you can ensure effective spending controls in line with your company's policies. HSBC Corporate Cards offer flexibility and convenience: Get a card that's accepted at over 32 million outlets worldwide In case of emergencies, you can get cash from any participating bank or from 900,000 ATMs worldwide Two billing options Centralised billing - sent to the company for settlement; total is paid by a standing instruction to an HSBC account or by cheque or bank transfer Individual billing - individual outstanding totals are settled from separate corporate accounts Enjoy up to 53 days interest-free credit - let your employees meet their daily business expenses without the hassle of lengthy paperwork and costs
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