SMS Alerts
Get real time information, sent straight to your mobile
Receive free SMS alerts on your mobile phone whenever a transaction takes place, wherever you are.
Here's what you get:
Credit Alert - Tells you when funds have been credited to your account, as well as the amount of funds credited
Debit Alert - Sends you a text when funds have been debited from your account, as well as the amount of funds debited
Balance Notification - Alerts you when your account reaches a predefined balance amount
How to register for SMS alert service -
Branch - You can visit any of our branches. Our customer service representatives will help you in completing the required form
Internet Banking - Log on to your personal internet banking account and register online by clicking on the "SMS Alert Services" tab on the left-hand menu
Call Centre - Please call our call centre at 4442 4722 and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you