Direct Reduction
Qatar Steel has adopted the gas based Direct Reduction process technology in its integrated steel complex for iron-making. Its MIDREX process DR Module (DR1), built and commissioned in August 1978 was the first-of-its-kind in the region with a capacity of 400,000 tons. In its thirty years of operations, the company’s production has continuously increased and from 2004 onwards exceeded 800,000 tons annually. This was accomplished by leveraging the inherent capabilities of the equipment, marginal investments in balancing bottlenecks, upgrading the equipment to meet greater efficiencies, along with various other procedural and operational improvements. Capacity Expansions A green field DRI/HBI combo dual discharge 1.5MMTY module was built and went into commercial production by April 2007. This plant incorporates all features of an up-to-date Midrex plant. In addition, it uses “simpax” an automated level-2 quality control module. Salient Features of Sponge Iron from DR 1/DR 2 Selective premium DR Grade pellets with low elements and gangues are sourced to produce consistently high metallized CDRI & HBI. DR1 produces CDRI exclusively for captive consumption. The metallization percentage is 93-95% with 1.6%–2.2% carbon. The plant consistently achieved >95% availability with >99.7% operational reliability. DR2 is equipped to facilitate the manufacturing of HBI and CDRI. The CDRI produced will contain metallization of 92%-94% with 1.8%–2.5% carbon. HBI produced in DR 2 will offer metallization of 91%-92% and 1.3%-1.8% carbon. Steady state operations are expected to result in extremely consistent quality of DRI & HBI.